Katarina Shadowbolt

1. Character/Player Information
Hail RR members. Katarina Shadowbolt here. In real life I’m calm guy with name Maciej. I’m 26 yo. I made few contracts on merchant navy vessels then I try my best on airport as dispatcher. I have sportsman soul so I like any kind of physical sports/hobbies. Im real enjoying small things in life, so it is hard to see me sad.
My account was made in February 2017. First lvls I played with one friends, but all of us know – people come and gone. One day I meet Mr. Avora, Nature Lord and other RR member in Madrin’s Gh. I heard about your guild so I decide to put red rose above doors. They catch the bit ( haha ) and invite me to Red Room to sit and talk with them. That was really kind . I do not put so much pressure on levelling, just for good talk, some quest, some exping. I play in memory of my first character Xavius Shadowbolt which was hacked 5 years ago. Im playing as kindly Xavius’s granddaughter. I really enjoying decorate houses, that is best part of game, have house with decoration which made jaw down.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose
To make your guild hall fianlly looking good! Oh, just joking. As it is write in Applcation Instruction - To be a Rose is an honour! It could be amazing distinction to be RR member. Also I would like to see how “work” really traditional and old guild from inside, to feel more soul bond with you guys.

3. Roleplaying Story

Did I hit? - asked the young girl
If you hit, you would know that - the older man grunted - come on today enough, the night is approaching.

Xavius Shadowbolt and his granddaughter Katarina trained today in a nearby forest.

Grandpa, when will I be ready? – girl asked again
When the time comes, you will you know it - the old man smiled at the girl.
I can't wait for this time to come! I will praise our name to all Tibian lands – scream young lady
I'm sure young lady, but you have to work on some things - grandfather reassured her

Suddenly, the Royal Paladin noticed unimaginably large footprints for a forest animal. He caught the girl, take a big step and hide in nearby bushes.

Grandpa, what's up? – she asked
We came across dragon prints, probably the ordering party to the forest for a small hunt during the flight to Kazordoon

In the summer, dragons gathered in the mountains of the dwarf city to bask in the burning flames of the sun.

Grandpa, behind! - shouted girl

The old man pushed the girl, and a blast of dragon’s flame came to his shield.
As an experienced paladin, he knew his weapon was a bow or crossbow, but a shield in crisis situations could save his life.
The dragon, seeing that falmes on Xavius did not make any impression, soared in the air and with a powerful swing of the wings knocked old paladin. Severely blacked out, Xavius couldn't draw his weapon. Dragon overwhelmed him to catch him and directed an open muzzle above the head of the old man.

Stop !!!!! - voice came from behind the dragon
Leave my grandpa, beast! - the young paladin yelled at the dragon with all her might

The dragon turned toward her. The young girl began to run. Unfortunately, she had no chance, the only one dragon step and beast appeared before her. Now she was supposed to be an appetizer and her grandfather would be dinner.

Suddenly there were flying arrows. One of them hit the dragon in the eye, another in the lung, and the third in the paw. These were the shots of Elane, the world-famous paladin commander. The dragon fell to the ground. Katarina stood still.

Do not be afraid! Beast is already dead - to share with Elane - dragons like this is the trifle, in a few years you'll agree with me.
Oh thank you, Boss - Xavius ran up - If it wasn't for you, it would be after us
Don't talk stupid, Xavius. I know you tested young. However, your techniques can prove themselves in boys' training. Girls have different qualities that they can use in battle. Let me train her.
You? - Xavius snorted -Don't you have better things to do?
Maybe, but the girl is capable! With my help, she will join the guard next year ...

All three paladins jump into Elen’s white deer – Alzera and go way to Thais.

4. A Personal Touch
I think I really can handle guild business. Of course first I need be full member, but all missions and things you can always put on me. I will try my best. Hope one day we will hunt, drink and make fun together ! Dear Tibians! Good luck in life and have a nice days!

Re: Katarina Shadowbolt

Hello Katrina, before we can consider you as a Red Rose we'll have to ask you remove the name "Shadowbolt" from your character. As you may know this name comes quite tarnished from the original player known as "Selenia Shadowbolt"... you see, I'm JK! Selenia is in my guild on Astera and I know him in rl. I assume you named yourself after the anni quest with him and Astronis? He gave me the teddy from it :)

I like to joke :P

Anyways! Message me in-game to chat, I'd like to get to know you and ask some questions.
Never choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Please stop asking me when I'll be famous. It'll happen as soon as they find the bodies.


Re: Katarina Shadowbolt

Dear Katarina Shadowbolt,

Your attendance is requested at our guildhall on Fibula, Sunday the 24'th of November at 20:00 CET (10 hours after SS).

Prepare yourself for some questioning, bring the items stated in the codex.

Your future with the Red Rose will be decided.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.