Good evening Red Roses,
My name is Hong Phong Nguyen, I'm from Vietnam but currently is a Czech Republic permanent resident. I'm 30 years old and my job is a sushi chef.
I first discovered Tibia in 2006 when I were like, 15 years old (?), back then the game generated an unique account number and I had to saved it in the browser and so many time I fell in a dark room without a torch in Rookgaard I just had to create a new account and tried again, until 2008 when I had a better internet skill and had finally had my own character with the name I really liked (Redwind). I still have some vivid memories of killing rats and dears back there. Time really flies :(
School and university came and went, I always come back to Tibia to play once in a while, just to check the botting situation and see if some of my friends are still playing. And then, I got married and now my wife is currently 4-month pregnant, my job is good now so I finally have some time to come back and immerse myself in Tibia! And yet, starting fresh in Antica and the oldest world of Tibia without any friends, it's quite lonely.

1. Character/Player Information.
My character's name is Rosang (based on my yet unborn daughter Rosa), she's born on Nov 24, 2019. I don't have any friends or enemies.
My playstyle is slowly exploring the mainland, doing quests one by one without relying too much on Wiki, immerse myself and enjoy the rich world of Tibia.
I always try to be into the world as much as possible without powerleveling, same as Skyrim or Kingdom Come.
My hobbies? Well, they are games, cooking and music!
I hate liars.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose
This is first time I have a character on Antica and I found the history of the server really awesome! The idea of a honorable, closeknited guild is really, really cool and I decided to try my luck applying to Red Rose (not as it matters but my favorite color is Red and my daughter's name is Rose, so..)
As for why should I be accepted to the guild, I actually don't know. I'm just a normal 30 years old, hard-working chef who work 9-22 and yet still love the game as much as a 15 year-old teen. I feel I'm a trustworthy person and I hate to do things half-minded.

3. Roleplaying Story
This is a piece of nostalgia I will probably never forget. Back in 2008 when I were a level 30 (?) knight on Rubera, a complete stranger gave me a serpent sword and told me to follow him to south of Thais I believe?, anyway he turned some switch there and we entered a small room which inside was a dark, void-like full of colorful stars. I were in total awe and couldn't believe Tibia had this beautiful scene. We stood there like an hour and talk about how beautiful it was. After that we added each others as friends and still keep contact until this day, 11 years later!

Update: RP Story

For a lonely sorcerer, wandering the streets at night alone is considered dangerous. I had avoided deaths many times because of my predators' mistakes, by some helps of bypassing strangers, or even by sheer luck. But there was one time I was cornered by an infamous power abuser with absolutely no ways to escape, and yet for years of being dumb, somehow, that day, my brain had a moment of a genius and tricked the murderer from getting his easy trophy.

Once upon a time, a sunny and dry day like everyday in Darama desert, on my trusty donkey, I had prepared for a fruitful hunting by filling my backpack with mana potions and snacks. After crossing numberous hills of lava-hot sand, my donkey finally brought me to the stair which led me into a favorite hunting ground, the Darama dragon lair. The place was mostly empty of hunters because there was a new island raising from the ocean which led almost all the adventurers to it. So, here I were, alone and fully packed, went into the lair myself in hope of getting some well-sought dragon shields and finally getting to level 80.

The day quickly went by, I had used all of my food and potions and my backpack was full of gold and dragon hams, it was finally time to go home and get some rest. I hopped on my donkey and headed straight to the exit, happy of a worth day and smiled in the thought of a hot bath and a warm bed.

In that moment, the light at the end of the corridor which led to the exit suddenly went off. A long, dark shadow was casted by the setting sun into the dim-lighted lair. At first, I thought of some late-day traveler looking for some left over dragon meats and proceeded to go greet him with a big hello. The man stood still, not saying a word. When I approached him and by some light left of the sun, I realized that was no common man at all but one of the most notorious murderer in my world: Nissault.

I was paralyzed by his look alone-a short but lean man with eyes dark as black night, he had no armors on and in his left had was a ugly dagger, yet I knew I stood no chance against him. So I finally gathered my strength and spoke. "Hello, how ca..."

Without a word, the killer raised his hand and aimed his dagger right into my chest, I jumped off my donkey and ran back into the lair, luckily no dragons had respawned yet so I could run around, avoiding his stabs.

But I didn't last long. His speed was way faster and his sword skill was too high for me to handle. After an hour of running, he pushed me into a corner, my health was dropped to one final last blow and that man finally opened his mouth.

-My level 20 clanmate is going to take your life. Drop all your items on the ground and I will give you a chance to run.

I was no stupid to know he was lying, he would take all my items and his friend would still kill me to look into my corpse to take some gold left. Either way I had to die that day until something sparked in my head. Some brilliant idea that saved my life on that gloomy day.

As I were attacked until 10 health points, he needed to wait his slow level 20 friend to come to kill me. The combat lock prevented me to log off and beside my health bar there was an indicator that showed I couldn't get off the world. But if I yelled, the indicator along with the health bar was replaced by my yelling for about 5 seconds. So I kept yelling, when I couldn't yell anymore I instead sang a song about some sweet maiden in Venore I dreamt about, or some beaches I planned to visit that summer, I kept talking, saying anything so that my health bar would show up, I was desperate...

And after exact 3 minutes of crying, yelling and singing, by some chance the man's friend still had not reached the lair yet. The combat lock after me not being attacked for sometimes, went off. In that moment, I pressed alt-F4-enter to log off the server.

Before I disappeared before his eyes, I still didn't forget to give him some a final mock with a smile.
-Enjoy the evening, son.

And, that's how I escaped one of the most infamous power abuser in the history of Premia.

Being too careful, I didn't log in until 3 days later, after I thought he finally gave up the spot to look for another prey. Life of an adventurer is full of memories, my Red Rose friends!

4. A Personal Touch
There is really not much as for me to introduce.
I will probably can't contribute much in hunting or anything that requires longer hours. But I really enjoy chatting and shareing life experiences with long-time players in Tibia, especially Red Rose members!

See you in Tibia!
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Re: Rosang

Hello Rosang,

Please provide an RPG story (roleplay) so that your application is complete. If you'd like a better understanding of what one is, you may want to read other (approved) applications.

Everything else sounds wonderful and I wish you the very best!

Feel free to contact me in-game for a chat. My characters are Annie Belle and Ashyrstar

much Love,
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