Treaty with the guild Mercenarys [Valid]

A list of our treaties is available here.
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Treaty with the guild Mercenarys [Valid]

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Non-Agression Treaty between Mercenarys & Red Rose:

A disregard of these terms will be judged as a violation of the treaty. The extents of such a violation and its consequences will be discussed by the respective leadership of the guild concerned. The purpose of this treaty is to serve friendship and brotherhood and to encourage both guilds and their members to treat each others friendly.

* No member of either guild will attack each other at all costs.

* In case a member from either guild is disrespectful or causing trouble the leadership of both guilds will be contacted before any actions are taken.

* The Mercenarys will reject any and all missions placed on the head of a Red Rose member.

Mercenary Signatures:

Red Rose Signatures:
Simu Osira

On March 14th 2007 in the Mercenary Tower on Fibula the following addition to this non-aggression contract has been signed:

1. If one of the enemies of the Red Rose (main list, minor list) or an enemy that will be made official within the next 2 weeks (updating the homepage each day is not possible for several understandable reasons) is located inside Fibula Dungeon, then any Red Rose with the ranks Warrior, Organizer, Diplomat, or higher is allowed to ask any Mercenary to kick this enemy out of the Fibula Dungeon.
Then, it is the duty of each Mercenary to do so. In any case (exception in 1.3) the Red Rose is not allowed to kill the enemy inside Fibula Dungeon.

1. If the enemy manages to log out before the Mercenary can reach him, then the Red Rose should talk about it with a Mercenary of the rang Barzog or higher and find a peaceful solution.

2. If the enemy of the Red Rose refuses to leave Fibula Dungeon (after he was asked by a Mercenary), then it is the duty of the Mercenary to kill this person.

3. If no Mercenary is not available or near Fibula, then a Mercenary with the rank of Barzog and higher is allowed to give the asking Red Rose the permission to kill that certain Red Rose enemy inside Fibula Dungeon.

1. If a Red Rose can not reach a Barzog or higher, then the Red Rose should ask ANY Mercenary to submit the request over the membercall of the Mercenarys and wait if any Barzog or higher can be reached.

2. If no Barzog or higher is online, then the Red Rose must ask for permission on the official public board of the Mercenarys ( )

3. After the Red Rose has killed a person of their BB in Fibula or has let this person killed by the Mercenarys, any further kill of the same person in Fibula requires the authorization of the Council of the Mercenarys.
If a person that is an enemy of the Red Rose AND Mercenary is online, then the members of both guilds should join their forces to hunt/kill this enemy. (A private channel for all participants could be very useful in this case.)

If any loot is dropped by an enemy which was killed by members of both guilds, then it shall be shared fairly among the Red Rose and the Mercenarys proportional to the number of members of each guild who made the kill.

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