History of Lightbringer and the Demon Powered Shield

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History of Lightbringer and the Demon Powered Shield

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Back in the days, when only a few kind of shields existed, there was an amazingly powerful piece, called the Demon Powered Shield. The existing shields in this time were the Dragon shield, the Mastermind shield, and the Demon powered shield, nothing else. This shield had 50 def points, while the Mastermind had 40 (Blessed shield didn't exist at this time). Also it wielded around 5 attack points.
One day Lightbringer decided to get himself one of them, only 3 or 4 existed, and as he asked around, he came through the Game Master "Ender Speaker for the Dead". This Game Master had one, and decided to sell it to Lightbringer. The price was 150.000 gold pieces, which nowadays is barely nothing. But back in the day, long before the platinum coins were introduced, 150.000 gp were literally 150k golden pieces (75 backpacks filled with golden coins!).
Lightbringer was already pretty well known, so the Game Master gave him credit, letting him pay 80.000gp flat, and the rest over the following weeks.

To clarify some things, these shields were meant to be unaccesible. There should be only one of these shields, laying inside an unaccessible area inside a trasure box. This area was accessed through some bugs, and the shield was taken, then duped a few times.

A few weeks after Lightbringer bought the shield, maybe a month, Cipsoft found out these shields were in the hands of players, identified them, and pretty much deleted everyone who had the shields in their possesion. Everyone besides Lightbringer, since he could prove that he wasn't the one that "stole" it... As he bought the shield from a GM. So Guido spawned and forced Lightbringer throwing the shield in the sea, getting nothing in return, neither the 150.000 gp which was an incredibly amount of money back then.
Lightbringer says he did never used this shield.

So deep in the oceans surrounding the continents of Tibia, there is still, a mighty treasure from the past...

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