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Hi guys, it's me again, i'd like to let you know an important matter:

Even though i fucked up my joining process, your people are exactly the kind of persons i want to share my time with, so i want to keep in touch with y'all, the problem is that i will be inactive this month, this is because of two reasons, first one i have to finish my highschool studies and the exams are this month so i dont have that much time now, but what really is holding me back from tibia this month is that i dont have enough money to purchase premium and/or a proxy service, my wife and i really like to play tibia, but we simply cannot play properly with a permanent 500+ ms delay, our plan was to buy premium and pay for "NoPing" service this month, but due to an unexpected situation we had to spend the money we saved for tibia on other things, however we are passionate about the game and so we will be playing "medivia" until we can come back to tibia.

Now, if you wonder why are we gonna play medivia instead of tibia if i said medivia has such a bad community, it's because on tibia we have 500-1000 ms delay without a proxy, and on medivia we can play at 140-160 ms freely, plus 2 premium accounts + NoPing for 1 computer costs us around $30, whereas 2 premium accounts on medivia cost less than half that amont.

As i said in my application, we got hunted on Medivia, so we created brand new characters knight "Ultor" and sorceress "Umbra" Image Image We are going to play the roles of a darker-gothic oriented couple consisting of a knight and a sorcerer
(on Tibia we were playing the roles of a druid and a paladin couple more inclined to "good" and "light")

If any of you feel like giving it a try we would be happy to help you with your character!

Bonus info:

For those of you who dont know, i got rejected because of my own fault, i was trying to act as a calm and gentle person i am not and i am sure it felt as odd for those i spoke to like it was for me, it was a mistake to not show my true colors and i think the rejection was for the better, however it is true that i dont enjoy random pking and such things, i am the kind of guy to scream and laugh loud (capitalize), make troll posts on forum and such, it is true that i never do things like stealing lootbags or randomnly assault people, but i just have more fun being a troll-crazy kind of player than being an uber serious Npc-like player like some of you are, not criticizing that play style, i just mean i lack the ability to act that way naturally, i actually admire how players like Avora Skyfallen can act like if they were a human-npc, but its just not my thing, i roleplay in other ways, like, i remember when my medivia guild was still alive, we used to have a bathroom in our guildhall ( a bucket, mirror, and trhough with water on an empty room), and we joked things like "let me go take a dump before we go hunting" or "wash your hands before eating you pig!", other things like when we had to kill a thief or pk, i used to call my buddies to the guildhall to give the instructions personally "we have recieved information from our scouts that player x is hunting dwarf guards on kazordoon mines, we are going to raid his cave and f**k him hard for his crimes HAHAHA".

As you can see using <actions> and capitalizing every letter at the start of a sentence was never my thing, i also always been a more sadistic kind of "righteous person" ingame xD, and i just thought hiding these traits would benefit me in the joining process, but oh man i was wrong.

ANYWAY, i would really like and probably will apply again in the future, meanwhile we can get to know eachother better :D


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