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CODEX of the Red Rose

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The updated version of the Red Rose Codex (20st of February, 2021):

Red Rose Codex

The Red Rose Codex is a collection of guidelines presented by its early Leadership. It serves as foundation of the Family's standards and values.

1. General
    1.1. The Red Rose is a lawful Tibian guild.
    1.2. The Red Rose guild house and headquarters are located on Fibula Island.
    1.3. Goals of The Red Rose:
        1.3.1. Protection of its members.
        1.3.2. Spreading and strengthening of the good alignment in the name of Banor.
        1.3.3. Protection of all dogs in Tibia, because they are messengers of the gods.
        1.3.4. Offering assistance to other Tibians.
        1.3.5. Hosting events, quests, and guided tours.
        1.3.6. Cooperation with Tibia-related forums.
        1.3.7. Building friendships between members.
        1.3.8. Building and strengthening bonds between the Red Rose and friendly or allied guilds.
    1.4. Paths to Achieve these goals:
        1.4.1. Lead by example; inspiring and encouraging good and friendly behaviour by always treating fellow Tibians with respect, humility,
             and helpfulness.
        1.4.2. Get in contact with dog-killers and ask them to change their ways, because dogs are according to our opinion
             messengers of the gods. We cannot force the community to act as we do, but we can be good role models.
        1.4.3. Organize quests and related events.
        1.4.4. Set up formal and informal meetings at the guildhall for members.
        1.4.5. Set up meetings with friendly guilds and guests.

2. Organization
    2.1. The Assembly is for all members and novicia to exchange thoughts and make decisions. This can be done both on the forums and in-game.
        2.1.1. All full members can vote. The novicia may participate in the discussion,
            but may only cast advisory votes that will not affect the outcome.
        2.1.2. The Assembly is able to vote when more than five full members are present.
        2.1.3. For a change of the CODEX to pass, it needs to pass with a 2/3rd majority. In other cases, a simple majority is enough,
            except for special cases.
        2.1.4. Decisions that can be done at the Assembly include, but are not limited to:
   Inviting new applicants to the crossfire.
   CODEX changes.
   Declarations of war.
   Accepting or denying applicants to the guild - The applicant will be accepted with at least 3/4 of the valid votes.
    2.2. The Senate is for all full members to exchange thoughts and make decisions. These meetings can be both in-game and on the forums.
        2.2.1. All full members may cast a vote.
        2.2.2. The Senate is able to vote when five or more full members are present.
        2.2.3. Decisions that can be done by The Senate include, but are not limited to:
   Promotion as well as the exclusion of a Novicia.
   Exclusion of a member.
    2.3. The Council is composed of Leaders to exchange thoughts and make decisions. These meetings can be both in-game and in the forums.
        2.3.1. The leaders may vote, Praetors and Propraetors may participate in the discussion
             but may only cast advisory votes that will not affect the outcome.
        2.3.2. The council is able to vote when more than three members are present.
        2.3.3. Decisions that can be done by the Council include but are not limited to:
   Promotion of members.
   The dealing of alliances and treaties.
   Other subjects that aren’t The Senate’s duty.
        2.3.4. All Leaders support each other in their duties. Any of the Leaders can act as the official guild leader for the Tibian guild system.
        2.3.5. In case of Council's partial absence or possible inactivity, present Leader(s) can make and carry out decisions necessary for the
            guild's healthy functioning and growth, until other members of the Council return to their posts.
    2.4. About votes
        2.4.1. The votes computed are rounded down;
        2.4.2. If a votation has a majority of blank votes, this votation won’t be considered valid and the votation shall be postponed
            until a decision by the appropriate majority is made;
        2.4.3. For matters not presented on this CODEX, the council has the power to decide what kind of majority a votation should have.
    2.5.5. Red Book The Red Book is where all PvP actions concerning guild members are noted, along with explanations. The leaders are in charge of responding to entries in the Red Book and keeping it up to date. It’s the members’ (including novicia) duty to report in the Red Book all of the PvP situations which happen to them.

3. Members
    3.1. Ranks
        3.1.1. Members on a trial basis:
       Novicia are members on a trial basis.
       After joining they will pick or be assigned a mentor to help them assimilate to guild life.
           They have the right to use the Guildhall and other houses owned by the Red Rose.
           They are allowed to participate in the Assembly discussions.
           The guild demands that Novica represent the good and lead by example.
           Novicia have to leave the guildhall in a clean and proper state.
           Novicia are expected to follow the instructions of their Magister Evocatorem and their mentor,
                        as long as they don’t contradict common sense and the goals of the guild.
           They are expected to participate in the guild meetings.
           They are expected to complete the Novicia tasks and their Individual Novicia Tasks.
           To be promoted a Novicia is expected to participate in Guild activities like Meetings, Events,
                        and do the Novicia Tasks.
           The Novicia must let the Council know if he/she is in other guilds.
        3.1.2. Full Members:
       Inceptors are Tibians who have passed their time as Novicia and have been
                    voted by a 2/3 majority of the Senate to become an Inceptor. They are now perceived as Full Members,
                    and they can vote in the Senate.
           Inceptors have a seat and a vote at the Senate.
           Access to Full Members Boards.
           Protection of the Guild. (see: Protection of the guild)
           Inceptors have the right to use the guildhall and to store things there.
           Access to the libraries in both the Guildhall and Clanhall.
           Inceptors may serve as Mentors for up to two Novicia at the same time.
           The Guild demands that Full Members represent the good and lead by example.
           The Guild demands that Full Members come to the meetings regularly.
           Full Members have to leave the guildhall in a clean and proper state.
       Eques are Tibians who have done good things for the Guild over a period of time.
                    Upon good activity and high devotion to the Red Rose, an Inceptor may be promoted to an Eques.
           Eques have all of the rights of Inceptors.
           Access to the Eques room in the Guildhall
           Eques and above may be chosen to join the council.
           Eques have all of the duties of Inceptors.
       Aedilus are Tibians who have proved themselves as valuable members of the Red Rose;
                    this is the highest rank granted to a fellow Member before they can become Praetores.
           Aedilus have all of the rights of Eques.
           Aedilus have all of the duties of Eques.
       Praetores are Eques or above that have been chosen to advance to this special rank.
                    They are, according to their abilities, allowed to do diplomatic talks. Leaders are Praetores, only with special tasks.
                    Together the Leaders form the Council, but other than that they share the rights and duties of the Praetores.
           Praetores have all of the rights of Eques.
           Praetores have all of the duties of Eques.
        3.1.3. Leaders
       They are responsible for the financial situation of the guild,
                    being the ones who may provide money for the realization of events and also the purchase
                     of goods that may be interesting to the guild.
       They are also responsible for providing the money needed for the rents of houses/guildhouses owned by Red Rose.
       They are responsible for the selection and recruitment of new members to the guild.
                    Their responsibility begins before the application through the crossfire.
       They are the leading diplomats and coordinate all diplomatic issues.
       They are responsible for all the diplomatic aspects and also the external relations of the Red Rose.
   Magister Evocatorem
       They are responsible for the education of novicia.
                    This means that the Magister Evocatorem will take care of the novica from the crossfire to the moment he/she becomes inceptor,
                    giving out tasks and helping his/her mentor during his/her noviciumship.
       They have the main responsibility to plan, arrange, and coordinate events.
                    However, organizing events is something that all members help out with, coordinated by the Praeparator.
        3.1.4. Retired Members:
       Propraetores are former Praetores who aren't active in guild-life.
                    Propraetores can be reactivated or declare themselves active again at any time.
   Rosa Absentia
       Rosa Absentias are inactive Aedilus, Equites, and Inceptors.
                    Rosa Absentia can be reactivated or declare themselves active at any time.
   Novicium Absentium
       Novicium Absentiums are inactive trial members.
                    Novicium Absentiums can be reactivated or declare themselves active at any time.
    3.2. Titles Hands of the Leaders
   A Leader can appoint one, and only one hand to assist in the respective area of leadership.
   The Hand will be given a title (e.g Hand of Magister, Hand of Praeparator, Hand of Treasurer).
   The Hand can act in the Leader’s place during the absence of a Leader.
   A Hand can not appoint his own Hand.
   The Leader shall not "use" the hand excessively, as it’s still the Leader’s duty to perform his/her role, not the hand’s.
   The Hand is meant to be a supportive role. It also shall be used as a form to teach members the ways to leadership.
   Only Eques or above can be chosen as Hand. Other titles
   A title can be given to a member on special occasions,
                such as great deeds or even funny jokes (respecting Tibia’s and this CODEX rules).
   A member can not ask for a title.
   Only full members may ask for a title to be given to someone.
   A member can accept or deny a title that has been assigned to him/her.
    3.3. Inactivity
        3.3.1. Leaders
   If a Praetor decides to retire he/she will be moved to the Propraetores rank.
   A Propraetor can ask to be moved back to the Praetor rank whenever he/she feels like returning to activity.
        3.3.2. Full Members
   If a member decides to retire or go inactive for an extended period of time he/she can be moved to the Rosa Absentia.
   If a member does not log in for 3 months he/she will automatically be moved to Rosa Absentia.
        3.3.3. Novicium
   If a Novicium needs to go inactive for an extended period of time he/she can ask to be moved to Novicium Absentium.
   If a Novicium does not log in for 1 month they will automatically be moved to Novicium Absentium.
    3.4. Exclusion and Retirement
        3.4.1. If the guild notices that a member isn’t respecting the rules presented in this CODEX,
            an exclusion process may be opened in The Senate. For a member to be excluded, a simple majority is needed.
        3.4.2. If a Novicium does not log in for 6 months without a valid excuse they will be removed from the guild
             and are free to reapply once they become active again.
    3.5. Second Characters
        3.5.1. Secondary characters will be added as Auxiliarius.
        3.5.2. Novicia are allowed to have only 1 secondary character.
        3.5.3. Full members can have up to 3 secondary characters.
        3.5.4. “Worker” characters, such as librarians, bartenders, etc. do not count as secondary characters. Therefore, these are not limited.
        3.5.5. If a full member or novicia leaves the guild for any reason, the secondary characters are removed from the guild.
    3.6. Protection of the guild
        3.6.1. If a member dies doing a guild activity the guild bank will pay for the blessings lost.
        3.6.2. If a member dies from another player the guild will pay for the blessings.
            In case the other player is a member of another guild the ambassador will contact the leadership of said guild and fix the issue.
    3.7. Conflicts and Actions
        3.7.1. A member should never start a fight or attack a player without a white or red skull.
            A member shouldn’t attack skulled players who haven’t attacked the member.
            Exception: Although it is allowed, it is not desirable, to attack a skulled player who is attacking a Red Rose member at the moment
            (or to avenge the death of the person if the killer hasn't lost their skull yet).
            Use common sense. Remember that you represent a neutral guild,
            and the goal is to keep other guildies safe and not create a larger problem. Do not message the person with threats.
        3.7.2. If in danger try to get somewhere safe, if it’s not possible ask for help and defend yourself so the member can get to safety.
        3.7.3. Members of the guild Rosebuds are secondary characters of the Red Rose
             and are therefore considered under the Protection of the guild.
            If a member dies on a secondary character that doesn’t belong to either guild,
            this member shouldn’t try to avenge it by going on a stronger Red Rose or Rosebud character.
            Nor should they ask the guild’s help in revenge.
        3.7.4. We are a neutral guild, therefore, we don’t get ourselves involved in wars or conflicts
             of people outside of the Red Rose or the Rosebuds.
    3.8. Traded Characters
        3.8.1. A member may add a traded character as a secondary character after a 30 day period from the date the character was traded.
        3.8.2. New applicants have to wait at least 30 days from the date the character was traded before making an application.

4. Recruitment methods
    4.1. Vouch
        4.1.1. One of the Guild's Fullmembers has a friend, relative, or acquaintance who he/she believes fits into our Guild.
        4.1.2. The Member will make a thread on our forum and ask if there are any objections on the vouch of the given person.
        4.1.3. If a Novicium wants to vouch for someone,
            the vouch must be endorsed by at least one Full member in order to be considered a valid vouch.
        4.1.4. If there are no objections, the Tibian in question will be invited to a Crossfire (see: Crossfire).
    4.2. Application
        4.2.1. A Member has heard and knows about the Red Rose, and wants to join our Guild.
        4.2.2. Given that we are currently recruiting, they can make an application at our forum.
        4.2.3. The application is reviewed, and the applicant is encouraged to contact and get to know our Members in the meantime.
        4.2.4. If the application is accepted with a majority of 2/3 in the Assembly (vote may be carried out on the forum),
            the player will be invited to a crossfire (see: Crossfire).
    4.3. Crossfire
        4.3.1. A Tibian who has made it to the Crossfire will be invited to the Guildhall of the Red Rose at a given date and time.
        4.3.2. In the guildhall they will meet all the active members of the guild, who will all fire questions
             (hence the name Crossfire) at the applicant.
        4.3.3. The questions will involve both knowledge of our CODEX, Antica, and Tibia in general. But also personality traits,
             and maybe other things the members see fit.
        4.3.4. After the Crossfire has passed, the Assembly will vote. If 2/3 are pro invitation, the applicant may join the guild as a Novicium.
    4.4. Rejoining
        4.4.1. A former member that left on good terms wishes to rejoin the guild.
        4.4.2. The Assembly can decide to ignore the regular recruiting process depending on the specific situation.
        4.4.3. If 2/3 of the Assembly are pro invitation, the applicant may join the guild.

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