APPLICANTS | How To Write A Correct Application

If you would like to apply to Red Rose, here you will find all the information and guidance.
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APPLICANTS | How To Write A Correct Application

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Greetings Tibian,

We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of Red Rose. We take all applications very seriously and extend the opportunity to apply to all Anticans. However, only those who show real promise, humility and spirit will make the cut and start a new life as Noviciums of one of the oldest guilds in Tibia.

The application process, however is not easy and only 1 in 10 make it to the end.
With that in mind, we have prepared this short guide to help you present yourself in a comprehensive and honest way.
Correct applications will contain the following information:

Before you apply you need to read the following:

1. Character/Player Information
  • This includes information about the character you play | Creation Date • Friends/Foes • Previous Guilds • Your Playstyle • Some RPG Info • etc.
  • And some information about yourself | Your Name • Your Hobbies • Likes/Dislikes • etc.
    (NOTE: This does not include levels, skills, wealth etc. - we do not care about these.)

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose
  • What do you know about Red Rose and why do you want to join us? What makes you special and why should we choose you?

3. Roleplaying Story
  • This can be either a roleplaying story about Tibia, a real life story or a poem
  • This needs to be written by yourself

4. A Personal Touch
  • Anything else you would like to say
  • This is your opportunity to make your application really stand out

As final words of advice, make your application as comprehensive and complete as possible. Otherwise we will most likely deny it.

Best of luck,
The Red Rose Council