APPLICANTS | Please Read This Before You Apply

If you would like to apply to Red Rose, here you will find all the information and guidance.
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APPLICANTS | Please Read This Before You Apply

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Note: This is an updated version of the original Guide For Applicants written by Halfhigh in 2002.

Greetings Tibian,

If you want to join Red Rose, please write it down in this section of the board. You will get an answer.

We do not need to know your skills or levels. Think well before you submit your application and read the Red Rose Codex!
Be imaginative to catch our attention!

Nine out of ten will be denied.

There are some things you need to know about the Red Rose: We have a long tradition in Tibia (founded 7th December 1998).
We are old, wellknown and our history began at the dawn of Tibia’s Golden Age. We stand up for our beliefs, our Friends and Members. We are famous for our amazing festivals and loved for the good things that we do. To be a Rose is an honour!

This brings us to the next point: You.

We do not take in many Noviciums (Trial Members) because we had bad experiences with quick decisions. In fact most of the time WE approach candidates we find suiting and not the other way round. With this in mind, before you write your application make sure to ask yourself these questions:
  • Will I fit into the guild?
  • Will I be able to live next to experienced players who test me over and over again?
  • Would I like to be a Novice for a long time (several months and sometimes even over a year)?
If you say "Yes", thinking "Let him babble, this old knight, he is only trying to intimidate me...", then I can guarantee, you won't come far enough to find answers to those questions.

If your application is denied, it does not mean that you aren't a good Tibian. We simply have very strict rules for joining and allow only a certain number of people in. We want to give our Noviciums the right amount of attention and time they need to grow and develop under a careful eye of experienced players. Because of this we select only the very best Applicants who will make the cut.

There are two ways in which we recruit new Noviciums. Allow me to explain both:

1) Personal Request (Red Rose approaches you)
  • Intelligence
    The Red Rose begins to look for a new candidate. Few weeks later we find a suiting person. They are nice, known to several members, their records have been checked, we know something about them.
    We decide to approach the person.
  • Pre-Interview
    Approaching the person, a designated Rose (usually the Magister Noviciorum or a Full Member) performs a first, small interview. We just talk about general things. The right candidate should make a good impression because other Members will get their first impressions based on this interview.
  • First Decisions & Meetings
    After the interview, initial discussions take place and decisions are made internally. Denying? Another interview? Invitation? This process usually takes around three weeks, because we do not want to rush our decision. It is during this time, that the candidate speaks with members and sometimes small meetings or roleplaying sessions are held. If everything is as should be and the candidate is deemed worthy, he gets invited to...
  • The Crossfire
    We call the interview a "cross-fire", because at the meeting we will talk to you in a group and questions will be fired at you from every direction. Every member is allowed to ask for what they want to know. Those questions are direct and go to the deep core of yourself, testing your knowledge of the game, its content, but more importantly you as a person. Only then successful Crossfirees are allowed to join Red Rose as Noviciums.
  • Start of the Noviceship
    For the few that pass this test, it will be a change of their tibian life. Now the real hard part begins: the Noviceship.
    We don’t define any lenght of this period - it can take 4 months, it can take a year, you can stay a Novicium forever.
    In this time your older Brothers and Sisters will test your will, your knowledge, your skill and you as a person. You will be assigned to a Mentor who will be in charge of your development and will be your first point of contact. You will have to do what he or she says. You will have to fulfill quests and show your abilities to learn.

2) Forums Application (You approach the Red Rose)

This is a bit more difficult approach for you. Because we do not know you and most likely do not yet have full intelligence on you, it is up to you to make yourself known to us. For this reason a comprehensive application, followed by several conversations with Roses are a must. Aside from this, the process itself looks similar:
  • The Request
    If you are making a request to join (application), you are unknown to us. For this reason, your first posting here allows you to make a first impression on us, so make sure it is a good one.
  • Forced Intelligence
    We have to get to know you then.
    First we talk internally about you. If nothing speaks against you, we are talking to some friends and people that know you. If this second check is positive too, we decide about a pre-interview. Those two checks are the reason for the most denies. The rest of the way to becoming a Novicium continues the same as above (see: Pre-Interview, First Decisions & Meetings, The Crossfire) the only difference being that it is up to YOU to approach US.
  • Still Not Everything...
    Everything I have mentioned here takes time, but this is not the end. The protection of Red Rose that we grant to our Full Members is not the same as protection that we offer our Noviciums. We want to see, if our you can live your own life in Tibia, so we do not protect you from everything ugly. We are here to guide, we are here to help, but we won't be there every minute and hold your hand when there's a thunder outside. Above all, Noviceship is when we test to see if you belong with us, so we will carefully observe how you approach different problems.
    Having said that, we understand that as a Novicium you may make mistakes - every person does at some point. However, as a Novicium, you will need to be able to explain your actions, because they may be the reason for ending your Noviceship and releasing you from the guild, as it often happened in the past.

One last word - every candidate is taken seriously. Our joining rules are more than hard, but they are always fair. And (to repeat it again), remember than not getting to your Noviceship does NOT mean you are a bad Tibian. If it happens to you, then you are a part of a majority of applicants to whom the same as happened, because out of ten requests we deny nine. Sometimes it is painful to say 'no' to some people, because they would fit in the guild quite well, but we can only take in so many Noviciums at a time.

If you are still sure that you would like to post an application, we will be looking forward to hear from you.

Good luck,
The Red Rose Council