Application for Tyrmarti, Hardack, Lady Lucina, Lemonhase, Gratebakerman

If you would like to apply to Red Rose, here you will find all the information and guidance.
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Application for Tyrmarti, Hardack, Lady Lucina, Lemonhase, Gratebakerman

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Dear Citizens in Guild Hall Red Rose.
Here comes a letter from us traveling companions, who are looking for a new safe haven.

---- Lemonhase
---- Hardack
---- Tyrmarti
---- Lady Lucina
---- Gratebakerman

We have all been living and calling Moonkeep in Carlin our home, Some longer and some shorter.
But we all felt like it was time to continue our travels, and are now looking for a
new place that we can call home. We decided to head out towards Femur Hill and south from there when we saw "The Big One". We then visited Kazordoon the home of the Dwarves. It was there that
we heard from another traveler Oganda about this huge Palace called Red Rose. After leaving Kazordoon we spent a few nights sleeping
under the bare moon and rain, Hardack opened up and was wondering why things got so bad. He knew though that our home was not the same.
Just as we came out of this huge mountain, Lemonhase noticed a saw bridge just in front of us.
He asked, "Why not sleep under the bridge tonight?" Since it was raining everyone agreed and we walked up on the bridge. We noticed that these poor dwarves
had been killed. This sight made Lady Lucina sad, because we had gotten to know the Dwarves while passing through the mountains.
Lady Lucina can heal a lot, but she can not return people from the dead.
We started arguing whether it was safe or not? The rain became too bad and made the decision for us to sleep under the bridge anyway. At least
you couldn't see us when we were under there, even with the fire lit. Night came and we have never regretted a decision that much before. Around midnight new dwarves showed up and started to patrol
the bridge. We were so afraid we stayed up all night. By noon the next day the rain had stopped and we made our way out so that the guards would not see us. We couldn't wait any longer,
we were so eager to know more about the people living in Red Rose. So we took our packings
and just started to run south and followed the swamp. Tyrmarti was in charge of reading the map but she had it turned the wrong way! We ended up at a road that crossed into a desert.
Finding nothing but lions and scorpions, lets just say that after this Tyrmarti wasn't
allowed to read the map we bought. It was then that Oganda finally spoke up and said, "if we just keep on heading west,
water will show and all we needed to do was follow that north and around to the other side." It took two days to get to the river, we couldn't even cry we were so dehydrated. Day in and day out, no water in sight.
Water? was that water, I have never seen clothes fall that fast before! Skinny dipping in
this river was like finding our paradise. But we were all thinking the same thing, Red Rose was this place real?
Would they even let us in? We had to continue our travel to find out. When we came to the spring that fed the river Gratebakerman recalled his old postman days running packages.
He said to us, "Kevin's office is over here we can ask him for help to get us on the right track." We passed by a guild hall with wolves everywhere we did not want to get too close. When we got to Kevin's office he told us of some
cyclops in a hill nearby that were giving him some trouble with his deliveries. He asked if we could "thin out the numbers" on our way to Thais.
We went through the Cyclops tunnel. Kevin said it would go all the way through and if we go east out of the other end we could get a new map from Lubo that would show us the way to Fibula.
When we met the shopkeeper, Lubo. He told us he had just sold his last one. We asked if we could stay the night and we would share all the meat we had taken from the Cyclops.
He spoke well about Red Rose in Fibula late into the night. And he informed us of, good deeds, quest, parties and of how Red Rose was the first to win the Tibian Football League.
The next morning he told us how to get to Thais and told us to stop at Frodos Hut when we get there.
We bought a Paper and Letter from Kevin. We are currently sitting in
Frodos hut writing this. That's how this story started.

1.Character/Player information
My name is Joakim, im a 28 yo male from Sweden. I live with my gf and like to spend my free time to playing Tibia, football and just chilling with friends.
I work as a constructioner so going to gym is pretty much ideal for me to stay healthy and enjoy my lifestyle.
I started playing Tibia in 2005, I have played many different characters but mainly my knight Acadier and lately my paladin Lemonhase.
I joined the guild Messiahs of Bedlam in 2006, since i prefer to play the game as a neutral I loved it there. I became vice leader and in 2011 I was trusted the leaders role.
After a few years as leader I decided to retire from tibia and thought I would never come back.
In 2018 I made my comeback. I had lost the account with Acadier and had to choose to start a new one or start to play my paladin Lemonhase i had on a different account.
Lemonhase was lvl 9 with 90+ in dist so i thought it could be fun to try out paladin. I reached out to my old guild to see if i would be welcomed back. They took me in and fast made me a vice leader to help the guild grow active again.
Now I feel my thoughts of how the guild should be has changed from what the rest of the members think so I decided to leave and seek for new adventures.

2. Why do u want to join Red Rose
I remember since I was a low lvl noob playing back in the days, I had to push bps and bps of crossbows to Fibula to get some profit. Every time I was there I stood outside your guildhall and just thinking WOW, this is one of the
most respected guilds in Tibia. Many times I have met your members before and I have always got treated with respect. I also repected you.
I love the role playing you guys have and the fact that you are a neutral guild. I love how u recruit new members, it makes me feel the same way as i did for the game when i just started playing and applied for my first guild.
I know i would be a good friend and addition to your guild because I'm friendly, I know the meaning of neutral and i always respect others.

3. Role playing story
Whoaaa whoaaaa whoaaaa! A proud father looks with a tear in his eye at his new born baby.
Acadier has finally reach another milestone in his life to raise a new knight to carry on his legacy.
The mother was a farmers girl from Carlin that Acadier meet during his quests thru the lands of Tibia, she gave her life to give birth to their baby.
They spoke a lot before he was born about a name for the child and had come up with the name Lemonhase, a name that whould allways remind them of their first meeting in the lemonade fields.
Acadier tried his best to improve Lemonhase to swing an axe, but as Lemonhase grown in the forests of rook it was clear his destiny was with the bow.
Time goes on and Lemonhase started working on his distance skills.
One day Acadier passed away and little Lemonhase turned to his fathers old guild to seek guidance.
The new leaders of Mob that had lots of respect for Acadier took him in and he started to climb the ranks verry fast.
Lemonhase grew faster and faster as the years went by and soon he would be old enough to start his own adventures, like Acadier he he was a curious adventurer
who had need to see more of the lands of Tibia then the forest of Carlin. In the name of MoB he went out on a journey to learn about the lands of Tibia, the secrets of the quests and the depth of the hard battled caves.
Well grown and with the feeling he had not more to give his beloved guild and friends he knew he had to change something, a new jurney had to begin and he went to his old friends and fellow vice leaders for advice.
They all decided to goon a new journey, where it will take them no one knows.

Until continued.

1. Character/Player Information
Hardack 276 Elite Knight, Hardack says about himself:
My name is Mitchell. I started playing Tibia when I was a kid 11 or 12 and am now 34. I have 3 kids Lucas, Lillian and, Leon. I stopped playing Tiba when my first son was born because so much was going on in real life I just had no
time to play. Now that I have life on track for the most part that is. Tibia has become a nightly ritual for me and after the kids go to bed Hardack wakes up. I work in lawn care these days driving around my town spreading
piss and sh*t (fertilizer and weed control). I really do like my job I work by my self at my own pace. When I am not working, playing with the kids, or Tibia I can be found messing with 3d printers I just got a new Ender 5 and it
is twice the size of my first one! We have 2 dogs Chance and Able. Chance is a 3 year old Jack Russell Chihuahua and Able is a 2 year old all black German Sheeperd. We also have a 3 year old cat Meow she is a Maine coon she is
an outdoor cat and growls more than meows.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose
What do you know about Red Rose and why do you want to join us? What makes you special and why should we choose you?
I would like to join Red Rose because I believe I have a lot to offer the guild I am very active and there are many quest I can help with and some I can use some help with. Like War Zones I would
love to start making runs if I could get enough people to join. I have most of the Forgotten Knowledge Quest done so I can help to Imbue for people that don't have them yet. I can remember when I was young just walking to
hell and back passing by the Red Rose Guild Hall and stopping by the mino bar to dream of being in there and having a Red Rose Shield. It was a dream of mine tho join I hope I can make that dream come true.
I am not any more special than anyone else but I am honest, friendly, caring, and respectful. If you choose me I will bring all of me into the guild and share all that I am and all that I have.
3. Roleplaying Story
Hardack grew up on the hard streets of Thais with his older brother Hardek. Hardek knew how to make a deal and started buying and selling equipment on the west side of Thais.
Hardack spent more of his time on the east side of the city digging through troll caves and sneaking into the old mana mines. Hardack never cared about the money so he would sell
off the equipment he would find to his brother and use all the money he had on mana potions though he was a knight he loved mana. This went on for some years. Hardack was alone and wanted
to explore with others too more dangerous adventures but his brother was no fighter so he set off north to carlin in search of others with the lust of adventure. When he arrived to the city he found a Guild Hall Moon Keep,
there where teams of people firing off magic. Testing hits on each other? "These people were fighters" Hardack said to himself. He walked up and introduced himself. They took him in and went off on grand adventures and every quest
they could find. Hardack was a noble fighter never picking on anyone weaker and standing up to those that would that could not stand for them selves. He enjoyed his years in Moon Keep but times change and people do to Moon Keep was no
longer feeling like home so he set off to find more people that would stand up to the wrongs done by others.

My Friends are the best I could ask for, we play together almost everyday. They have made this game worth playing. We don't needs sound or top end graphics because we have each other and our adventures don't end in game we live them.


1. Character/Player Information
My name is Tyrmarti and I began the Tibian journey Nov 11,2009. I had just started dating my husband (Hardack) and he was always playing this game called Tibia. When I
first saw the graphics I laughed, said who would play a 2d game. Well I figured out to spend time with him I should try this game. I created an account on my piece of crap
computer and began my tibian journey. I soon realized that I loved it! Since I am a neutral
player I joined a guild my husband was in called Messiahs of Bedlam. I would even dream of all the places in Tibia. Hardack and I had a baby boy July 14 2011.
Shortly after that we soon realized that Tibia would have to wait for us to be ready again. 8 years later and 3 kids later we decided to try the tibian journey once more.
We reached out to our home guild Messiahs of Bedlam and joined their ranks once more. We fell in love again. After coming back to the
guild and becoming active again our guild soon appointed Hardack as I as a vice leader. I love to participate in team hunts and love to quest as well.

A bit about real life self.
I added some of it into my character information but my name is Angela. I am 29 years old and from michigan, USA. I am married to Mitchell and have 3 kids. Lucas (8),
Lillian (7) and Leon (2). I work at the hospital as a Patient Care Technician and hope to return to school to receive my BSN. I enjoy playing games with my husband, reading
and walks. I have 2 dogs, a cat and 2 chickens with plans to expand our chicken coop! Our dogs are our protectors and we would do anything to protect them just like in

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose
What do you know about Red Rose and why do you want to join us? What makes you special and why should we choose you?
I know of Red Rose from attending parties with them while in Messiahs of Bedlam. You are an old neutral guild and I love the role playing aspect of your guild.
I also love this application process, makes joining a lot more personal and weeds out a lot of people. I want to join you because you are an iconic, old, well known guild
and I would love to make some new friends who share the same beliefs. I know I can bring a lot to your guild. I am good person who loves to help other people.

3. Role playing Story
This can be either a role playing story about Tibia, a real life story or a poem
This needs to be written by yourself
Tyrmarti saw this fellow nearby in Carlin,

You see Hardack Elite Knight, Nu Ruk of Messiahs of Bedlam level 30.

She flashed her energy beam and tried to get his attention but it wasn't enough. She sent him a letter that soon grabbed his attention.
My name is Tyrmarti, a lonely sorcerer of Antica. I need a knight to protect me on this journey will you be mine?
Hardack found Tyrmarti ingame and soon their love grew. Hardack became Tyrmarti's blocker and true love. He protected her from crystal spiders and even Dragons!
Their most fierce battle though was with the Dragon Lords. They were so strong but Hardack was stronger. They soon met a priest named Llathriel and got married. They vowed
to stay with each other throughout their Tibian life. Their honeymoon was in Meluna, such a beautiful place.

4. A Personal Touch
We hope this application catches your eye! We are joining as a group because we all come from Messiahs of Bedlam looking for another iconic neutral guild to start our next journey in

Lady Lucina
1. Character/Player Information
Alexsander is my name, also called Alex or Lady (I like the female outfits better). Im soon 34 years old, still wondering how the time could fly by so fast, but hey,
at least im enjoying every second of it. I work as an Money transporter, so long days and alot of kilometers on the road.
I live with my Wife and our 3 kids (ages 1, 3 and 13) here in Sweden, actually even the same village as Ikea started in.
I still remember me being a kid, seing a class mate playing this game, hour after hour i watched him playing, and it didn't take long time before i made my own
character, Wuboto year 2001, a level 14 free account knight, that was running around with a warhammer with decent skills. Don't really know what happened, but me and
my friends came away from each other and stopped playing after a couple of years. The character i had after that was actually another Knight, but this one was on Refugia,
I was tired of always getting pkd, so why not Non-pvp server. But played there for 2 years I think and took lvl 69 with it, but i felt so alone. All peoples wanted was
to only take levels, never hang around. Stopped playing for another few years. But at 2009 i missed the game so much, so i just had to create another char. Thats when
Alexsis was born (back then Lady Etsht) on Nova, I was that Neutral player that no one really wanted to kill, bcs i was friend with everyone. I remember how the BR was
fighting the PL, and the Swedes was fighting the Finnish guys. And in the middle I was, talking to them all as an Advicor.
Since I came back at 2009 I loved the game, I played for a year
or so, when peoples always cried about never having a healer online, so Created Lady Lucina on one condition, they helped me level it up. And thats where the character
that i love started. I retired 2015, when I moved to the middle of the forest with crappy Internet connection and friends moving from Nova to another servers.
Christmas 2019, Me, my brother and my brother in law was talking about games, and by somehow we all said we missed playin Tibia, and we havent even known that we all
played it in the passed. New years eve, we sat down and spoke about what levels we reached, obviously i had the highest, 215 RP and 165 ED, they was like 70 and 150.
So we promised each other that we would try to play again. Found the account and logged in, And it was a total new game, and again i did fall in love, but harder than ever before, even if my Brother in law allays are afk, and my brother changed to a server with less peoples. I found new friends when i joined MoB, And i loved the idea of continue playing my neutral way.But, im probably the most honest player you going to meet, so dont ask me what i think of anything, if u arent prepared to get what i really
think, but i know better, I dont say unless im asked.

2. Why do u want to join Red Rose
I havent been on Antica that long time, so cant really say that i remember back in the days and so on. But when i asked my fellow players, I want to find a NEUTRAL GUILD,
I allways got a few different guilds as an answer, But there was allways one guild that everyone mentioned first and that was Red Rose. Ive been on ur homepage watching, and can only say that im so impressed. The way it seems like you handle things, Everything from voting system, to the roleplay, to that you need to step up and show urself.
Even the thing that you gave missions and so on. That was actually something i allso liked at MoB, i got a few quests by my mentor there Zill Korodis, and i was so
eger to show who i was, Allways went in with 100% of will and heart. And that is allso one thing i can promice here, I SUCK at pvp, im a decent healer, BUT,
I can promice that i will do my best to not fail you guys, I will do whats needed from me, even if it takes me 10 years to get the title full member. Im as active as possible
with 3 kids and a work that takes long time. My wife is really accepting, and dont mind me playing, bcs that makes the tv free for her and her showes.
Im, Kind, Honest and a real giver to my friends. If u need me, Im going to do everything i can to be there for everyone in Red Rose, no matter level and vocation.

3. Roleplaying Story
KABOOM. Where was I, How much time has gone? Looks the same, but it doesnt feel like my old home Nova, something is different. I didnt even rekognice my self.
Walking the streets back and forward, Just thinking, what happend to all my friends, where are they now? Why am I here? The days passed by, What can I do?
Talking with random peoples everywhere I went, Can you please help me explain something i used to ask. I didnt even know what to ask, but i just wanted to speak
with someone. I felt so alone. One day I was walking the streets one day, and in front of me was this bloody little puppy layin on the street.
Oh my, Oh my, what have u been threw little fellow. Just wanted to pet him so he felt better, and suddenly my hands started to shimmer, I could see with my own
eyes how the wounds started to close. He started bark again, and ran away. What was this? Did I just make him better? What more can i do?
Started to run around in the city touching peoples that looked wounded, and it worked everytime. Someone spoke back, You are an Elder Druid, A powerfull healer!
No I knew what to ask to the next person that wanted to answer a question. "What is an Elder Druid". Few days later I had the luck to run into one powerfull
member of an old guild in this world. Started to learn what i could do, it wasnt just healing, I felt like an Ice Queen to be honest with the damage i could make.
And it didnt take long before i could join this guild, showed me new places to go, and i was so thankful about everything they made for me, that i showed up at
every things they did, just to help the frontline stay alive. A few weeks back something happened, we in the guild started to get stalked and hunted, not the ones
that was hunting the evil in the dark. I hanged on with my hope that everything would go away, but it didn't. So I said to good bye to everyone with a sad feeling in my heart, homeless again. But i kept my honor in place, Im neutral and wont damage any other being, unless its in self defense for me or my family. This was the beginning, where it
continue we will see. I just want to feel warm inside again when I help a friend.

4. The things that i can say about my friends that im doin this with, Well hell without them im not home. There are no Persons on Tibia that i trust more.
You that read this is going to have problems finding better peoples than them. This is the beginning of something new and better, We will never see the end!

1. Character/player information
My name is Robert but most people call me Bob. I work as a steel cutter and have a wonderful wife, 3 kids, 1 dog and 1 cat. In my free time I like to play Tibia, ride/work on quads, and play other games with my friends.
I live in the USA and am almost 34 years old. I was introduced to Tibia many years ago and have played on and off ever since. I am a neutral player and nice to those around me. I have been a part of Messiahs of Bedlam for a long time
as well, and still am. But my closest friends have all left and I want to continue this adventure with them.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose?
Well all my friends left our guild and they have been talking great things about Red Rose. I like that you are another old guild and I too like the roleplaying part of the game. I know you are 100% neutral and I love that.
I love that you are strict and everyone in your guild is held to a high standard.

3. Role playing Story
Walking out of the Red Rose Castle I decide to stroll south and see the water. On my way I saw an old man and tried to stay away. For some reason I was drawn closer to him, something about him told me
he needed me. He introduced himself as Simon and he was a beggar and so very poor. I am a kind man and love to help others so I was ready to help this man with whatever means necessary! I went back to the castle and
retrieve some of my gold bars and knew that would help him! I brought him the gold and felt amazing about myself. The next day I went for a walk again and what did I see?!? The old man again. I asked him, "was that not
enough gold, that should have helped you a lot." He responded, "I have a lot to buy and am afraid it was not enough." I went back and got twice the amount of gold this time! This is what he needs I just know it! But he gave
him the gold and saw him back there later that day. I asked him what I could do that would really help him. He said," you give me all this money but I have no skills and am useless." I knew exactly what I needed to do! I went back to the
castle and grabbed my rod and some worms and showed him how to fish. At first it took him a long time to catch one but soon he got better. He was catching tons of fish. I see that old man on my walks now, but he is not begging!
He's fishing and never has to worry about going hungry again!

4. I am a nice and giving guy. I like hunting and hanging out with everyone and believe I will be a great addition to your guild. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hope that you all that been reading this letter got to know us a little bit better.
Let us know if we can continue our travel and see this wonderful place called Red Rose.

Much love from us all.

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