Application to join red rose

If you would like to apply to Red Rose, here you will find all the information and guidance.
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Osvaldo Zaragoza
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Application to join red rose

Post by Osvaldo Zaragoza »

I am Osvaldo Vidal, I am 23 years old, I am originally from Mexico City.
I've been playing lukewarm for about 11 years but not consecutively.
I like lukewarm and find friends to support them in everything that I can as well as they do to me, I am a peaceful person I do not like problems so I avoid any type at all costs.
I hope I can join Red Rose as I have always wanted to be in this guild.
Osvaldin Dark.

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Re: Application to join red rose

Post by Mihiron »

Greetings Osvaldo

Thanks for your application but there is a correct way to do it, I suggest to you, if you wanna proceed with your application, to read the forum and other applications and then post again in a proper way.

By the way, I’m up for a chat in game if you want.

Kind regards,

Darien Dawnbringer
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Re: Application to join red rose

Post by Darien Dawnbringer »

Hello Osvaldo

As Mihiron stated before, if you want to proceed with your application I would suggest reading the previous ones, and looking at how they are constructed.

Hoping to see you in game someday, and to read your application in the future.

-Darien Dawnbringer
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