The most preciated object created by the Gods

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The most preciated object created by the Gods

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This is an old story. So old that there's no record of it on any existing book. Back in these days, there was nothing in the island of Fibula. Just tall grass, bushes, lots of grapes, some caves, wild animals...
All that tall grass - almost as tall as a human - and the trees and bushes, made it almost impossible to walk through the island. There was some paths around, made by the casual visitors, that didn't go there often enough to keep the path safe from being devoured by nature.

One day, this group of good old friends, discovered the island when exploring the tunnels south of Thais. It was almost impossible to come to the surface, because of the wild nature... But since the beginning this place had something that captured them. One of these unexplainable things in life. They knew this place was going to be special for them.
They came up and went around, exploring the island. They walked around for hours, until they found this glorious place... It was a clear between the tall grass, where the ground was pretty much perfect, no holes, short grass... It was some sort of rectangle of several meters near the coast, surrounded by this tall grass that were all around the island, mixed by many grape vines. They were amazed by the peace of this place, and stood by the coast all day. When the sun slowly started to go down, they filled a few bags of grapes and went away, promising to come back in a few days.
Next day, they made wine out of the grapes they collected and put it to rest in the cellar of the house they had in Thais.

Two months passed, until they decided to go back. They took a few bottles of wine, some fishing poles, fruits, a lute, a football and went out.

It was a sunday morning, and the spring sun was shining so bright. There was some special warm feeling in the air. The smell of food in the streets of Thais, peaceful times.
They reached the island - it was almost as they remembered it. The vegetation was a bit more intense due to the spring.
Walking through the grass and bushes, they had a bit of trouble remembering where their special place was, but they reached the coast, and surrounded it until they found it. They sat on the sand and set their fish poles up. After one-and-a-half, or two hours, they had enough fish to eat a whole day. They collected wood, made a fire and cooked the fish. When the time came to eat the fish, they opened a bottle of wine, and all of them drank from it. It was perfect. The wine was perfect. The fruity taste seemed to have a reminiscence of flowers.
They took off the lute and started to play and sing.. I can imagine all those old lost songs, the sound of the notes coming out of the instrument.
They just stood there drinking, playing music, swimming... it was their place. Nobody was around in a very big range. The could do anything they wanted.

At some point of the afternoon, they decided to play the football and divided themselves in two groups. One of the groups didnt agree very much with the distribution, as most of them were pretty much more drunk than the others, but between friendly jokes and provocations, they did it. Lets call them "the drunk team" and "the sober team" as of course, they didnt have any team names.
They walked into the rectangle shaped place and it was perfect to play: the grass was very short, not dry and the space was enough to run a lot. They took off their shoes and made the goal lines with them - they were not big, so they could all play without goal keeper, but the rule was that they couldnt shoot from behind the middle of the field.
They started playing, the winner was the first to score five goals.
The sober team was winning 2-0 without making any major effort, but some mistakes ended up with the drunk team scoring. 2-1. With this goal, a reaction came from the sober team, even with the drunk team feeling much more secure, as they managed to score one goal. But the reaction was positive, and the match was then 3-1.
The drunk team was motivated and angry at the same time with the goals they were taking. Their only strenght was the will to win, at any cost. They were all sweaty, each second more concentrated in the ball and what was happening in that field. The sober team was still dominating, but the will of the drunk team ended up in them scoring another goal. 3-2. They kept playing, and the drunk team was starting to get really tired. Alcohol was starting to make its way into the game. And the sober team gave a critical hit to the score with their 4th goal. 4-2. One more goal and the game was over. What was the prize? Nothing! But everyone wanted to win.
The drunk team, even tired, decided they had to win. They passed the ball between the members of the team, 3, 4, 5 times, and in the last pass, before receiving the ball, the man mad a furious diagonal shot that made some sort of parabollic effect. The ball entered so close to the shoes that defined the goal line, that this goal in this home made field was even beautiul. 4-3.
The sober team moved from the half of the field and attempted to score the last goal fast. And they almost succeed a few times, but the ball went caressing the shoes from the outside-side. They were in the middle of a heavy attack, when the drunk team managed to perform a counter attack. Almost all of the members of the sober team were in the drunk team's field. The drunk team started running like crazy, passing the ball to each other. When the man who was running with the ball was near the goal line, he passed the ball, and the man who received, kicked that ball with anger, so fast, that the member of the sober team that was in front of him didnt even see the ball passing through his legs to pass through the goal line and end up between some tall grass behind. Everyone in the drunk team celebrated, 4-4, the next one who scored was going to win.
The sober team got pretty nervous, but they still were more capable to play than the drunk team. They started to attack more carefully than before, but the danger was the same.
At some point, they made a shot that was going to be the 5th goal... The ball was rolling pretty fast and nobody from the drunk team was near enough... It all happened so fast... One of the men on the drunk team was running desperatly to try to stop the ball entering the goal line, when he saw he wasnt going to be able to reach it on time, he swept in the grass with his right leg forward, and he managed to touch the ball. The ball was pretty much stopped but it still was going to enter. Quickly he stood again, and this time he reached it, before it entered. His heart must have skipped a beat or two. He passed the ball quickly to one of his team mates, who saw another mate inside the sober teams field. Without a single doubt, he kicked the ball making a long pass to this man. The pass was a bit long, but the drunk man was running like a devil. There was only one member of the sober team between the goal line and the drunk man with the ball, and both of them were running really fast to the ball. Just before the sober man kicked the ball to hell, the drunk man touched it with his right feet, moving it away from the kick of the sober man. Everyone else on the field was running at his back. The sober man just kicked the air and passed by, leaving the drunk man alone in front of the goal line. He was running so fast and there was not much more field to run. He was in diagonal to the right of the goal line, and on the run, he touched the ball with his left feet, before falling violently to the ground. While he was falling he witnessed how the ball entered the goal line in an impossible angle. He was laying on the ground yelling with lost eyes GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!! before his mates came to jump on him. The sober team was really frustrated. The drunk team was in glory. Most of the drunk team went running to grab more wine, still celebrating. The man who scored the last goal was left behind in the field, alone. He walked and went to grab the ball from between the grape vines and other vegetation. He picked it up, looked to the sky, and then looked the ball, kissed it and said in a low voice, to himself: The most preciated object created by the Gods.

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