[Character Sheet] Avora Skyfallen

Character history and background.
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[Character Sheet] Avora Skyfallen

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First Name: (Baron) Avora
Family Name: Skyfallen

Gender: Male
Race: Pure-blood human
Place of Birth: Venore
Faith: Banor.
Family Motto: Honor and Loyalty


The Sovereign house of Skyfallen is very well known for the mysteries surrounding them aswell as their vast wealth & political influence.
They are an ageold Family brought into the ranks of nobility by King Tibianus I ( The first ever King of the Thaian Kingdom ) for the part they played in the founding of the Trade Cartel & aid in ending the criminal colony that was Venore a long time ago, as well as using their vast power assisting King Tibianus I with the orc problem.

Not much is known of the Skyfallens apart from that.
They are mysterious philanthropists who like to control from behind the scenes. Though there has been rumours that the House of Skyfallen was in control of / funded & supplied and benefitted heavily from many wars over the ages.


Avora Skyfallen was born into the Title of Baron, inherited by his father.
Not much is known of his early life... He was a handsome young man and to the world it seemed as if he did not have any worries at all ( being a young aristocrat with his entire life already planned for him ).
It has been speculated that he learnt the to practice the dark arts trough the very impressive Library that the House of Skyfallen possess, however, whilst Avora Skyfallen is a very powerful dark arts practicioner, he focuses on using his powers in order to help the friends he has been blessed with along the way... Only utilizing his immense powers when someone closed to him is threatend.

As he is a Baron he was able to take over the ownership of the Svargrond Castle known as The Mammoth which he held for many years.
Some say, that his calm, philanthropic & controlled image is but a cover.. And that really, he is a puppeteer of destruction, benefiting from wars and manipulating politics...

Only time will tell if the mysteries surrounding the House of Skyfallen are but rumours or in fact, true...

Titles and Important Ranks held (officially):

*Baron Von Skyfallen
*Ambassador of the Red Rose
*Board-chairman of the Trade Cartel
*Trusted advisor of King Tibianus & Queen Eloise amongst others

Lifetime milestones (Official):

*Promoted to the Rank of Ambassador in the Red Rose Family
*Was able to conjure Sudden Death Runes and use the Ultimate Explosion spell very early.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.

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Re: [Character Sheet] Avora Skyfallen

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Years have passed since the original publication of your character sheet, and I should say that like a good wine it aged very well.

I see sorcerer as sort of an uncommon vocation choice for a young noble, but I love the theme of the wizard apprentice studying at his family's old library.

Speaking of noble families, the Skyfallen remembers me of Dungeons & Dragons' Watergate nobility. And this is awesome!

I'm happy to serve you, lord Skyfallen.

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