[Character Sheet] Mardin

Character history and background.
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[Character Sheet] Mardin

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First Name: Mardin
Family Name: Thunder Trident
House Name: Guards of Mountains

Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Place of Birth: Kazordoon
Date of Birth: Year 3617, Age VIII Calendar of Durin

Marital Status: Married

Faith: Banor - Good, Durin - Good
Family / Ethnic Origin: My Family, family of Thunder Trident is Ancient family our House - Guards of Mountains. We by centuries protected all Mountains - Kazordoon Mountains, Svargrond Mountains and Gray Island Mountains. Family of Thunder Trindent was founded by Meridionis XXIII sixth son of Marzjas VII Emperor of Svargrond Mountains. In Age VIII, Calendar of Durin, Year 538, Meridionis XXIII founded our Family everything changed, after dead Emperor Marzjas VII, new Emperor become Meridionis XXIII, after thousands years our Family get rich and power in all mountains.. In Age VIII Calendar of Durin, Year 3451 my Father Mardas XVI had to ran away from Svargrond Mountains, because Emperor Rexerns II wanted kill everyone from Guards of Mountains.. and everyone from Our great family..

Bio: Mardin The Thunder Trident, Guard of Mountains son of Mardas XVI and Fesla, born in Ancient Family of good - Thunder Trident which belongs to Ancient House - Guards of Mountains. He born in Year 3617, Age VIII Calendar of Durin on Venorian Swamps in one cave. His mother died few days later. When Mardin I, The Thunder Trident, Guard of Mountains had 20 birthday - His father Mardas XVI gave him milions in gold and gems, the best dwarven equipment and Scroll for Svargrond House when he will be atleast 100' years old. When Mardin was young he lived in Venore, later he changed city to Liberty Bay, there he met girl which is now his Wife, she is a human. In Liberty Bay he lived in beggar hut because his Father told him it will be better for him when he is young.. After 40 years Mardin changed his house, and he lived in Tavern of Liberty Bay, but in near future evil times came and he had to back to his beggar hut.. After many years he met a lot human people.. in Year 3701 his father Mardas XVI died, he had 398 years old. In year 3709 Mardin I Guard of Mountains, got next house in Carlin - City of Womens, but few years later in Year 3717 He got new house in Svargrond, after few years Emperor Rexerns II died so Mardin can lived in Svargrond. Next Emperor Meridionis XXXVI was friendly. After next years in Year 3743 Mardin I, Guard of Mountains joined to Red Rose Family, after next years in Year 3745 he got Gray Island Mountains and he became King of The Gray Island. After some years he loose his title of King of Gray Island, but got another one - God of the Seas! His whole title is: Mardin I The Thunder Trident, Guard of Mountains, God of the Seas, Prince of Svargrond and Knight of Kazordoon.

Titles and Important Ranks held:

  • Son of the Mardas XVI
  • The Thunder Trident
  • Guard of Mountains
  • God of the Seas
  • Prince of Svargrond
  • Knight of Kazordoon
  • Master of Events
  • Master of Gold and Gems
  • Belongs to Royal Family of Svargrond Mountain
  • Eighty-eighth in the queue to Kazordoon Throne and Emperor Title
  • Red Rose Member
  • Red Rose Inceptor
  • Proud Merchant
  • Master of Axe
  • Honourable King
  • Honourable Knight
  • Protector of Friends[/i]


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