[Character Sheet] Parrilla

Character history and background.
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[Character Sheet] Parrilla

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First Name: Parrilla
Family Name: Unknown

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of Birth:Probably Thais
Age: 213 years old "known"
Date of Birth: Unknown

Faith: Banor

Bio: Parrilla, as it's known, showed up one day wandering near the temple located in the Plains of Havoc, totally lost, not making sense of anything! All he could remember was a a glimpse of his childhood in Thais. He was not sure of what he was doing there, all he could remeber was a scream from a woman followed by a big flash from some sort of fire source! The people that found Parrilla took him to Thais, to get medicated and gave him shelter for a while. A few days later, the Thaian people found out that Parrilla was high skilled Elite Knight that fought the war against Ferumbras, but how come he was alive and young looking for so long when most of the heroes that slain that evil necromancer already died by natural death? That intrigued even the highest ranks of the city and the subject came to the King's knowing! Without hesitation the King sent Trimegis to check on the mysterious Knight! Not much could be discovered about him, as even Parrilla didn't remember most of his life. However Trimegis was sure of one thing, the big flash that Parrilla remember was for sure a deathly spell that, for some reason, didn't kill but cursed him to never age, despite his time in Tibian lands, he would look the same for the eternity!
Parrilla seemed to have connections with the Brotherhood of Bones as a necromancer shield was found in his backpack aswell as a dark cape and scythe that he was wearing when found (according to the people that found him revealed to Trimegis after his findings).
The people from Thais then believed that he could have more dark connections with other evil factions and for that he was expelled from the city and took shelter in Carlin!
Parrilla however didn't feel any dark presence with him nor had any evil thoughts towards anyone and for this reason he started to seek for the good in Tibian Lands, for many time he wandered, seeking for answers of his past and that was when, while walking at the place he was found by the thaians for the first time, he found a deep connection with Banor, that guided him to a journey for good until he arrived in a small city called Fibula! There he found a couple of people chating inside a big guildhall! They called themselves the Red Rose! From that moment on, Parrilla knew where his future belonged and with much effort he made to became a Red Rose!
Now he splits his time gathering information around the World, trying to prove to those that still thinks he is a sided with the dark factions that he is a good person and helping new explorers to go on adventures in the Tibian Lands!

Titles and Important Ranks held:

- Honoured Clubber Knight
- Honoured member of the Red Rose
- Elite Knight of the elite force army of Thais
- Squire of Tibia (Loyalty Title)

Lifetime milestones:

- Slayed the Demon Oak
- It's amongst the 50 best club skilled knights of Antica
- Reached Shielding skill 100

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