[Character Sheet] Gryphis | Falan'thiel

Character history and background.
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[Character Sheet] Gryphis | Falan'thiel

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Known as: Gryphis son of Deranar
First Name: Falan'thiel
Family Name: Whisperwind

Gender: Male Image
Race: Half-Elf (Human-Elf)
Place of Birth: Thais
Date of Birth: year 185

Faith: Banor / Dseyvar (Good Alignment)

Family / Ethnic Origin:

Father's Blood:

Whisperwind Family are blood descendants of Elbricht "the Boneslayer" Whisperwind, one of five generals of the Alliance Army. The family name has been granted to general Elbricht by Lord Banor himself after victory at Fields of Glory. Shortly before the fight, the elven scouts had reported that a battalion of skeletal archers had amassed at the Femor Hills and given their numbers, trying to stop an attack of the undead armies at the fields below would be leaving the Alliance Army open for decimation from above. Suspecting that the post was heavily guarded from the only opening in the north, Elbricht had selected twenty of his best men and took it upon himself to sneak through the mountain passes on the night of battle's eve and eliminate the threat.
After the successful action, Elbricht's troops created a diversion at the rear lines of the undead armies, causing disorder and chaos, which was one of the factors that let to victory of the Alliance Army. For this achievement, Elbricht and the twenty (three post mortum) had been awarded titles of "Boneslayers" by Lord Banor as well as a blessing upon their families.

Heirs of Whisperwind blood are found to have a drive to knowledge and wisdom, even at young age. The men of this name also show commanding abilities and can make for great leaders, but their strong convictions are a double edged sword, for their sharp tongues can create unintended enemies.

Notable names of the bloodline:

[list][*] Kethan the Bald | a talented scholar of Edron Academy of Magic and researcher of gravitational magic
[*] Emilia, Jane | renowned horserider and tamer
[*] Jeyon the Wild | rogue black paladin from side line of the family, slain by his brother Deranar
[*] Edergar | blacksmith who forged the family blade "Boneslayer"
[*] Arther | historian and polyglot, said to have deciphered the bonelord language (or 'beholder language' as he insisted)[/list]

Mother's Blood:

Elven Bloodline of Cenath Caste has been passed on from Fanea /fanyah/, Falan'thiel's mother. Fanea fell in love with Deranar, a human paladin stationed as supporting guard at Ab'Dendriel during the establishing of a new trade route with Thais. The elven custom forbids sharing blood with other races as half-elves have been proven to be more capable and volatile than those of pure blood, thus proving to be a potential threat. Fanea escaped with Deranar and settled by Thais, where she bore him Falan'thiel, later known as Gryphis. Fanea's mother, Mevesai also married outside of the elvish race, to a drow, but because of the common ancestors and her man's powerful elven magic, the marriage was accepted.

Cenath Caste are tall elves versed in the use of magic. They have the highest cognitive capacities of all elven castes, however they have been known to be secretive and very careful with information that they share. For this reason, only publicly shared information about the caste is available.

As a result of the lineage, Falan'thiel is a half-elf and half-human with traces of drow blood.


Falan'thiel was born at a cottage outside of Thais, where he spent his first years. According to his relatives, he was a cheerful child, willing to learn and explore. Since his very early days he was inspired by the knights he watched at the tournaments of Thaian Keep to which his father, Deranar was taking him. During the first Orc Invasion on the Capital, Falan'thiel's parents have been murdered by the horde that ravaged their house and burnt it down. Luckily, the six years old Falan'thiel survived and was sent away to his aunt's and uncle's house on Rookgaard, where on his own accord he learnt the basics of handling a staff and a bow. Upon coming of age, he had returned to Thais and joined the Knights Guard under Sir Gregor.
At the Keep Falan'thiel honed his skill, showing great determination in fighting and what he lacked in physical strength, he more than made up for with his rigid attitude. His elven dexterity was becoming more and more apparent, eventually fully compensating the lack of natural strength that pure-blooded humans have. His wit and rebellious personality has often caused him trouble, but it was a great asset to his unpredictable fighting style, a few years later taking him to the top of his class.
Burdened by his past and determined to avenge his family, Falan'thiel had pursued his goal by first becoming a Squire and later, thanks to the family name, legacy and unique talent of a half-blood, a Knight.
During the second Orc Invasion on Thais, Falan'thiel threw himself into a whirlwind of battle and saved a mother with a child at the gates, holding off and eventually slaying five Orcish Grunts at the gates alone. His courage and lancing skill in a dire situation had been noticed by Sir Gregor, who recommended Falan'thiel for the Royal Thaian Guard, where he served for the next years of his life. Upon being received into the Royal Guard, Falan'thiel was given the name Gryphis by King Tibianus, as a human name was seen a better fit for a Guardian of this rank from political view.

After being released from the Royal Guard upon request for his achievements and devotion to the King, Gryphis had been promoted to an Elite rank and wandered the Tibian Lands in search for knowledge about the past, seeking to find the reason for humanity's existence. After years spent in libraries throughout the world and hearing stories of wise men all around the Tibian plains, he returned to Thais spreading the awareness of Tibian history amongst commoners.

In year 412 he joined the Red Rose, an ancient guild that follows Banor, the God of Good under who's command's Falan'thiel's great-great-grandfather Elbricht served. Together with the guild, strengthened by common values and beliefs, he strives to sow hope in hearts of men, dwarves and elves alike, educating the next generations.


Titles and Important Ranks held:
  • Image Royal Thaian Guard (granted leave of absence)
  • Image Lancemaster of Thais
  • Image Praetor of Red Rose
  • Image Praeparator of Red Rose

Lifetime milestones:
  • Image Promoted to the rank Praetor of the Red Rose Family
  • Image Achieved 100th Grade rank in the use of Axes in combat
  • Image Achieved 100th Grade rank in the Shield mastery

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