[Character sheet] Regin Tishar (outdated)

Character history and background.
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[Character sheet] Regin Tishar (outdated)

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Given name: Regin
Family name: Tishar
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of birth: Senja
Faith: Banor
Marital status: Married
Profession: Innkeeper

Born into a fisherman’s family on Senja Regin was originally predicted a fisherman’s life. Countless generations of Tishar’s has made their lives on Senja, only few ever leaving the Southern Ice Islands except for the seldom trips to Svargrond. Growing up Regin would spend his days with his father in his fishing boat learning the trade, but always longing for the day his uncle Reidmar would come visit. Because he would always bring Regin something nice. You see, Reidmar was the black sheep in the family. As the oldest brother he was supposed to inherit his father’s business, but instead he travelled to Carlin and set himself up to become a merchant. Travelling far and wide across oceans and into the mountains and forests. And Regin loved his tales about these strange lands across the sea.

As all the other children, Regin was also sent to Rookgaard to be trained in a vocation as was the custom of the time. He was a willing learner, and spent many late nights in Seymour’s library reading all the books he could find. In his heart Regin knew his life was on Senja and with the fishing boat, but a part of him longed to explore the world.

When his time on Rookgaard was about to expire news reached Regin. A pack of wolves had found their way into the village at night, and both of his parents and two little brothers was bitten to death by the wolves. When travelling to Carlin from Rookgaard only few days later, Reidmar met Regin at the temple. His last living relative would bring him to his home on Senja.

Senja however had changed. There was no love left there. No life left for Regin to live. His uncle didn’t need much persuasion, he accepted Regin’s proposal of becoming his apprentice. Together they would travel far and wide for many years. Sometimes even diverting from their normal trade routes to go explore a new cave system or a flourishing forest. No day were similar to the other, and Regin had his happiest days together with Reidmar.

Reidmar, however, never married. He didn’t stay anywhere long enough for that, but he built up a sizeable fortune. He invested in businesses and trade deals, and more often than not, made quite the profit, and Regin watched and learned every step.

When travelling between Venore and Darashia with a cargo full of fruits and vegetables that couldn’t be grown in Darama they encountered one of the dreaded ghost ships plaguing the sea. In their attempts to fend off these undead creatures Reidmar was mortally wounded, and before they reached the shores of Darama his took his last breath of air.

All alone in the world Regin disembarked the ship. Disillusioned with the gods who let his last living relative and friend die away from him he walked off aimlessly into the desert. For days Regin wandered the desert teared up by grief and sorrow, and dehydrated from the lack of water. Finally, he collapsed in the sand and the world blackened around Regin. He had accepted his fate, and longed to join his family.

But, as so many times before, fate didn’t approve of Regin’s plans and wishes. Three days later Regin woke in a soft bed back in Darashia. Apparently a stranger saw Regin collapse, and rushed to his aid. After pouring water into Regin’s lifeless body he had brought him back to the city where he found a friendly soul who took him in and cared for him. The stranger however didn’t stick around, and it would take years before Regin would know the identity of his saviour.

After recovering, Regin once again started travelling his old trade routes, but this time alone. From Darashia he travelled to Ankrahmun, then to the jungles of Tiquanda and Liberty Bay. From there to Thais, Edron, Kazordoon, and so on. All over the world he travelled, but it was never to be the same. The adventures were bleaker, the profits didn’t bring any pleasure, and the exploration of new areas weren’t as fun as with Reidmar.

One day however, it all changed. As per usual Regin was sitting in the corner of the local pub drinking till he’d fall asleep. This very evening he was in Thais, at Frodo’s Hut. It was mostly empty, as it was quite early in the evening. Most people were still at home with their family eating dinner. He tried not to think about it. Family. He looked around, and in through the door a woman came in. She was dressed in a green dress, and her hair was flowing down her shoulders. It was obvious that she had been out all day searching for herbs and roots. The most beautiful druid he had ever seen.

He turned back to his beer however, didn’t dare staring too long. But this day Regin decided to settle down. In Thais.

Selling off his business Regin made quite the fortune, and with it he decided to buy the building next door to Frodo that was known as the Warriors’ Guildhall. He knew how to gain the favours of the women he had seen. Taking over the Warriors’ Guildhall it was in a sorry state, and hadn’t been maintained properly for years. Regin started from scratch, and slowly he re-furnished the house into a proper inn. With a common room, private salon for his richest customers, and several rooms he could rent out. He used all the tricks he had learnt from Reidmar to build his new business, and surely it went above all expectations.

Regin turned his life around, and within the walls of the Green Dragon Inn he not only found the love of his life, but he’d once again meet his saviour, and last but not least, he was introduced to the members of the Red Rose who later would let him in among their ranks. No longer was Regin alone in the world. He had finally found his home, and his family. But those are stories for another time.
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