[Character sheet] Driundar

Character history and background.
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[Character sheet] Driundar

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First Name: Driundar
Family Name: Unknown

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of Birth: Probably Edron, real place of birth is unknown.
Faith: Follower of Banor


When he was a little kid, his parents took him to the forest north of Edron for a walk; there, a group of hunters and poachers attacked them when they were going back to the city at night.

His father told him and his mother to run to the city and save themselves before running at the hunters trying to defend them. While doing so, near the mountain pass to the city his mother was struck by some arrows, hurting her badly.

They managed to cross the pass and seek help with the local hero, who took them to the temple on the city where the mother passed away despite the priestess tries to help her.

Without his familyhe stayed in Edron, where he spent his childhood in the temple and the library learning about the world and it's mysteries, until the day hehad to leave to Dawnport, there he decided to become a sorcerer, using magic at his will to defeat his foes.

When he got back to Edron he decided to star traveling Tibia, meeting new people and new places at he passed ...
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