[Character Sheet] Skyzo, the Banshee.

Character history and background.
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[Character Sheet] Skyzo, the Banshee.

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Given name: Skyzo
Also known as: The Banshee - The White Flower
Gender: ?
Race: Shapeshifter
Place of Birth: White Flower Temple?
Age: Unknown


Little is known about this creature...

The tales say that was discovered by two old Mercenaries in the isolated room, under the White Flower temple. Sitting in the floor, a little kid was playing with a candle. One of the Mercenaries picked up the child from the ground and covered its eyes, because she didn't want to let it see how the Banshee was being murdered by the other Mercenary in the room.

Once they climbed out of the cave, the Mercenary woman went next to the river and took some water to clean the kid's face. After slaying some deers, one of the Mercenaries made a bonfire where they cooked some hams to feed the little creature and once they were ready, left for Fibula.

The little creature was raised among Mercenaries and other humans and surprisingly adapting was an easy task for it. After trying out some weapons, its dexterity with a bow was quite impressive so it decided to become one of the best archers the world have ever seen. Some years later, for unknown reasons, the creature already named Skyzo, parted from Fibula without saying a word and roamed like a nomad around Tibia.


It's rumoured that it was seen for a long time around Ab'Dendriel, Jakundaf Desert & NorthPort, even though it has returned to Fibula. What the future holds for Skyzo is unknown, but if you're lucky, someday you might be able to see its true face.
Skyzo, the banshee

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