[Character sheet] Regin

Character history and background.
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[Character sheet] Regin

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Name: Regin
Other names: Regin of Rosebud, Regin the Smith
Gender: Male
Age: Longbeard
Place of birth: Kazordoon
Faith: Durinism
Martial status: Widower

Dwarven specifics
Father: Hreidmar
Clan: Stonecutter
Caste: Geomancery
Fellowship: Iron

Full name: Regin Longbeard Hreidmarsson Stonecutter, son of Earth, from the Iron Fellowship.

Regin is the last of a long line of smiths, welders and miners. Hreidmar before Regin, Regin before Hreidmar and so on. A clan mythos tells the story of Mezur who were among the very first miners who were tasked to dig out what was to become Kazordoon, another tells about Hreidmar, Regin's great grandfather, who fought in the War of Welcome. But other than this, the Stonecutter's are quite ordinary dwarves.

In his beardling years, Regin was long undecided on wether to join the Molten Rock or Iron Fellowship, but ended up in the latter based on a coin toss his father, Hreidmar, made him do. There he undertook his apprenticeship as an armoursmith, a trade he continued in Kazordoon well into his brownbeard years.

One day however, he simply uprooted himself and left the Big Old One. To this day he haven't explained this sudden (and quite frankly undwarven) behaviour, but what we do know is that he moved to Thais where he opened up an entirely new tavern, right next to Frodo's. The Wayfarer's Rest. A venture that quickly made him broke, but with the help from an investor he rebranded it and opened up the Green Dragon Inn.

The Green Dragon proved a success, and word spread of it's magnificent ale all across the world. It was here Regin met his wife, Sol. She moved to Thais from her hometown up north when she was quite young. She worked part-time at the depot just across the street, and used much of her time in the Green Dragon when she wasn't at work. And soon, she would be at the inn full time. After Regin and Sol got married in the local church she began working in the inn alongside Regin. It was also around this time that Regin was introduced to the Red Rose for the first time. It was now, in his fullbeard years Regin was most at peace with himself. Life was good, and soon children were underway as well.

Childbirth is unfortunately a dangerous task, and Regin's blissful life would suddenly take a turn for the worse. In only a few shorth hours Regin lost both his wife and his first-to-be-born child. A darkness shrouded Regin's mind. He sold the Green Dragon to a fellow dwarf who also had been part of the Red Rose, trusting his business would be taken well care of. For years and years Regin would roam the lands like a ghost. Never finding true rest anywhere he went.

It was not untill he one day came upon the hamlet of Rosebud, not far from Carlin. And as he entered the gates it was as if he was at home. The houses hadn't been properly seen to for many years, and the fields and crops hadn't been harvested for quite some time either. It was quiet there. But he remembered it all, every tree, every house. This was were Sol had grown up. She had told him so many stories of her home, it almost felt as it was his own memories.

Using his last money from his sale of the Green Dragon, Regin tracked down the owners of the houses in Rosebud. The same owners that had left the hamlet behind. The same owners that had let it decay. One by one he bought the houses, so that he could restore the hamlet to its beauty of when his late wife still lived there. It's only him there now, so he sometimes jokingly refers to himself as the Mayor of Rosebud.

Now Regin is well into his longbeard years, once again he has settled down and found peace. Although he has no family of his own, he's got his family with the Red Rose.
Mayor of Rosebud


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