Treaty with the guild Sagon [Valid]

A list of our treaties is available here.
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Treaty with the guild Sagon [Valid]

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Friendship treaty between the guilds Sagon and Red Rose

§ 1) No member of one guild should ever attack a member of the other guild.

§ 2) In case of an agression between members, this should be reported immediatly to the leaders of both guilds so it can be solved on a peaceful way.

§ 3) Members of each guild shall help each other when needed (if it's possible).

§ 4) Activities and meetings between the guilds shall be done from time to time, to get to know each other members and build a strenght in the friendship between the guilds.

§ 5) If one of the guilds gets involved or joins a war the other guild has no obligation to join, without the final decision affecting the treaty.

Signed in Fibula - October 8th, 2008 by:
Beauty Mys, Leader of the Red Rose
Rob'Doomsday, Leader of the Red Rose
Sir Lancelot, Wanderer of the Sagon
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