Unsolved Quests [3]

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Unsolved Quests [3]

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Hiho everyone,

I'm going first at say who is writing and start talking about some unsolved quests. My name is Antonio, playing Tibia since 2002/2003 I don't even record, I still playing this game all this years until date. Never played on Antica but always feel guild Red Rose with me (today I'm on Quelibra - Ratazana Ark or Mesziah)

This is the third Unsolved Quests

The Unsolved Quests [1] : http://redrose-guild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4699
The Unsolved Quests [2] : http://redrose-guild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4700

Dead Man of Ab'dendriel Elves

If you guys need more coordinates or info try find me in Quelibra. Well there is one door (sealed) not locked, door quest at Ab'dendriel elves, on second floor, I don't know how put img here. This dead guy makes part of one quest (for sure) and the most interessing part is: under the body has a sprite of mms. Have someone notice this?

Shop North Thais

Another door closed (sealed) like quest on second floor shop thais. Every shop if you notice the boss stays on second floor (like the most shops venore or other cities), and that shop is
17:19 You see a sign.
You read: Venore branch office

When you talk with the girls who work there, she says the boss is upstairs (but he should used a better armor:NPC says) but when you go upstairs it's just a sealed door with no boss. What quest is it? Someone knows the boss?

I've heard some rumours he is a vampire. Not sure trying to check.

There is some things I've seen entire game with no answers maybe no clue, I always try something new, I'm looking first for the warlord sword. If you guys here knows, rumors, anything will help to guide me open this new world.
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