2nd Quiz night Q&A

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2nd Quiz night Q&A

Post by Valkera »

Thank you everyone for coming! Always a pleasure to spend the evening in good company.
Well done Sassir for bringing glory to his guild, salute! :)


Sassir: 9
Natures Lord: 8
Knight Borre: 7
Mac Demarco: 7
Makenwa: 7
Soder Is Back: 6
Timpan: 6
Ceori Barnacle Buccaneer: 3
Dama Blackheart: 3
Guldar: 3
Tokig Pilkastare: 3
Fjunar: 2

1. In old Antican culture, pushing someone around was considered very rude and could lead to serious consequences. How much was the fine to push a Black Dragon around?
            a. 1 BP of SDs?
            b. 10000 GP?
            c. 100 GP times the offender’s level?

2. Like how Satori was nearly synonymous with Ab’dendriel, many historic guilds used to have a strong bond to a specific city. Which city did the Imperial Response Troops vow to protect?
            a. Kazordoon?
            b. Ankrahmun?
            c. Thais?

3. Standing in the shadow of his rival and real-life brother, Oxgurd chose a different path in Tibia and found himself in Red Rose. Who was his famous brother?
            a. Zu?
            b. Lyth?
            c. Magius?

4. Bubble, the first player to reach lvl 100 and 200, was once a treasured member of the Black Dragons. Why did she end up leaving?
            a. To join her friends who migrated to Refugia?
            b. To stay neutral when her friends began fighting each other?
            c. To create the guild Starry Heaven with a bunch of friends?

5. Loved or hated, Dagor Dragontooth was the main antagonist of Citadelica and worked hard to prepare his secondary character to fight them. What was the character called?
            a. Veldoor?
            b. Zybela?
            c. Caldrin Nui E' Charghail?

6. Elrik is an avid forum author and known for his deep-seated views on knights’ intelligence – or lack thereof. Today he is a member of Satori! Which other guild was he in?
            a. Senior Citizens of Tibia?
            b. Followers of the White Dragon?
            c. None, as he was famously guildless for over a century.

7. To manipulate their leaders towards the negotiating table, fighters from both Alliance and Dark Side banded together in a separate guild called ‘Valhala’ and refused to fight on. Who is credited as its founder?
            a. Suprido?
            b. Sir Cloudy?
            c. Xiber?

8. The Official Tibia Ball League (TBL) was once a cherished sport organized by the ancient Mercenarys. When was the first official game held?
            a. 2000?
            b. 2001?
            c. 2002?

9. A neutral player experienced a brief but intense moment of fame for his brave yet futile attempt at lasting peace between the Alliance and Dark Side guilds. Who was he?
            a. Oafah?
            b. Orphidos?
            c. Oxiput?

10. The Dark Mansion has been a beloved stronghold for Hokuten, Last Action Heroes and Dark Side, and much like the Mercenary Tower, it was originally created for a specific guild in mind. Which guild was it?
            a. Cult of the Black Prophecy?
            b. Paladins of Darkness?
            c. Dark Omen?

11. In defiance of Mercenary’s overlordship of the Fibula dungeon, Narayan claimed ownership of a popular hunting spot in 2002 and threatened them with war unless they respected his authority. Which hunting spot was it?
            a. Dead Tree Dungeon?
            b. Cyclopolis?
            c. Mintwallin?

Correct answers:
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Re: 2nd Quiz night Q&A

Post by Digi »

That was a cool event. I'll meet you soon to give a scroll with correct answers :P.
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Re: 2nd Quiz night Q&A

Post by Valkera »

Looking forward to it my friend! Let's meet up in Fibula and enjoy the evening together :)
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